About Us

...Hello, I would first like to say that I appreciate your visit to our site. Our team has been working very hard to create an easy, affordable alternative to the many cluttered sites around the web. Here at JunkYardFind you will only see great, hard to find tools & parts for every type of vehicle.

...Growing up in Detroit, cars were simply a way of life for my friends and I. Cruising Gratiot, drive in movies, engine work in parking lots and of course bad bondo and paint! We did anything to keep our finely tuned machines (okay that might be an exaggeration!) up and running. This led to many hours crawling the junkyards looking for parts and over time I seemed to amass quite a collection. You know, just the extra necessities.

...With so many "necessities" lying around, I found my way to the internet auction sites. Man it used to be fun! Not sure what happened but pretty quickly I saw the need for a place online where tools & parts were the ONLY items on the agenda. After more than 2 years of research and development, I believe we have created a great source for used parts, easy searches and best of all, a cheap price! So welcome, come on in and check it out!
JunkYard Jeff, Founder JunkYardFind.com

  • We specialize only in MotorSports! We offer parts & tools for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, and more! We prefer some nice used stuff plucked out of your local junkyard, but will also be happy to list your shiny new stuff.

  • JunkYardFind.com is marketed heavily nation wide! Our page views are growing daily as more people find our site. Your items WILL get visibility!

  • The site is FREE! List as many items as you want! NO Listing Fees, NO final value fees, NO photo fees, NO commissions! NO fees period to list items for sale!

  • Sellers have the upgrade options of adding their logo on our Store or Home pages.
    Potential buyers can click on the logo and go directly to the sellers Active Listings!

  • Motor Sport related businesses have advertising opportunities to add their logo on our Home, Sign In or Links page. Potential buyers can click on the logo and go directly to their websites!

  • JunkYardFind.com is a secure environment that offers Standard Auctions and a fixed price-Buy Now option.

  • We offer a Vehicle section for both new and used: Cars & Trucks, Motorcycles, Watersports and virtually any other type of Misc Vehicle you can think of.

  • Sellers can utilize up to 9 pictures for their items, FREE!

  • Sellers have listing duration options of: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks & 1 month. NO added charges for longer durations. Our List Similar and Auto Re-list options make listing items super easy!

  • Schedule your listings to start any time you wish in advance. Item will automatically list at the date/time selected.

  • You can communicate freely here! Advertise your website or shop directly into your listings. Even contact buyers & sellers to make off site deals!

  • JunkYardFind.com has a great Forum and is a good place to meet other site members and network information on any topic.

  • Sellers may accept any payment option they want. JunkYardFind.com is integrated with PayPal, however, other options include Credit/Debit card, Wire Transfer and even cold hard cash!

  • Engage in FAIR feedback practices! Both Sellers and Buyers can leave feedback in a transaction. Un-warrented feedback for either can be removed.

  • Category saturation will not be allowed! Large amounts of warehouse, off the shelf items will not be tolerated.

  • No need to wade through pages & pages of items that has nothing to do with what really matters..... finding that hard to find part!

  • JunkYardFind.com looks a little different because we ARE different! Our layout, interface and targeted market keep it SIMPLE, efficient and easy as possible to use!
So come on in and give us a try! Registration is easy.